Perk enables a user to earn money in a variety of ways, some passive, some mostly passive, others not passive at all.

Perk is a rewards program that giving “Perk points” (points) and “Perk tokens” (tokens) as compensation for users’ engagement with the internet: watching videos, searching the web, shopping, doing trials of products and services, playing games, etc.

You can even own a piece of Perk by buying shares of PER on the Toronto Stock Exchange!

In addition to the main website, Perk has a variety of mobile apps for earning points and tokens on the go, or in conjunction with the main website (e.g. playing videos on a mobile phone while playing games on the website).  Currently supported platforms include: Android 4.0+, iOS 6.0+, Windows Phone OS 8+, and certain Amazon Kindles.

Check the guides below to get started or go to Perk now and dive in!

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