Tokens and Their Uses

Unlike points, tokens on Perk have no intrinsic dollar value.  Tokens are used to enter Perk’s various daily, weekly and monthly sweepstakes.

Tokens can be collected semi-passively in the apps by doing certain tasks like rating videos, earning rankings in games and unlocking your phone’s screen (if you have Perk Screen installed – see the apps article for more information on Perks 12 mobile apps).

Sweepstakes on Perk are lotteries, and as such, the prizes are high value and enticing, and one person will certainly win it…but the odds are not in your favor.  Additionally, while some sweepstakes can be entered using tokens, most can only be entered using points.  For example entries for a drawing for a $25 Paypal credit costs 20 points per entry, while those for a $25 Walmart card might cost 2000 tokens.

Current List of Perk Sweepstakes

You earn so few tokens per token-rewarding task, it’s not worth your time.  If you want to install e.g. Perk Screen and earn a few tokens each time you unlock your phone…why not?  Just don’t bet on entering more than one or two sweepstakes a year, and don’t bet on winning.

In Perk as in life lotteries are for suckers.  I’d steer clear if I were you!

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