Swagbucks is a varied and extensive website.  However, it is easier to understand and use than, for example, Perk.  Swagbucks has only one currency, “swagbucks” or “SB” which are used only one way: cash them out for gift cards.  On Swagbucks, there are no tokens, no conversions, just an easy cash stand-in.

Unlike many such websites, Swagbucks makes calculations easy by equating 100 SB’s to $1.00 – though there are sales on some rewards from time to time, which makes your SB’s more valuable.  Because 1SB equals $0.01, it’s easy to see just how much you have earned.

Swagbucks is my favorite passive earning site, and it’s been a great earner for me (see my posts on the subject to learn more).  They also have a fantastic referral program: you are awarded the value of 10% of the earnings of your referees for life (subject to some limitations).  This means its a great way to stack earnings (see my stacking method page).

My Daily Goal Meter for Today
When you meet your daily goals, you will earn a passive reward!

Sign up now to earn a free SB bonus and start making money right away.  After signing up, fill out your profile to earn an additional 32SB’s.  There is no SB bonus for doing the tour but it has some useful information – skip it if you like.

After you have filled out your profile, find the surveys page and fill out some info (this will target surveys to you, I don’t do surveys because they aren’t passive, though I do get passive income from referees of mine who do fill out surveys!) and earn additional bonus SB’s.

If you like, install the SButton extension in your browser.  This extension will alert you when Swagcodes are active and provide other sources of SB.  Installing the button will award an additional 50 SB’s.  Finally, turn on your daily goal meter – if you meet your goals each day you will earn a passive SB reward.

As of the writing of this article, after signing up and installing the browser extension, you will have earned between 86 and 104 SB’s, or $0.86 to $1.04 – just for signing up!