How to Earn Swagbucks Non-Passively

There are some small rewards that are not passive, but which take only a few minutes and which add up over time.  Each day you can answer the one-question daily poll for 1SB, click through the “NOSO” ads for 2SB, watch the daily “Crave” for 1SB, and play Swagosaurus Run for 10SB.  14 SB’s a day equates to 392 to 434SB a month!  Though they aren’t passive, I do the poll, NOSO and Crave, but not the game.


A major way people can earn money on Swagbucks is by filling out surveys.  These take anywhere from 2 minutes to 45 minutes and pay usually between 50 to 250 or 300 SB’s.  As you can see, the cost/benefit ratio, when considering time, is not in favor of doing surveys – however, they are easy and plentiful, so if you don’t mind filling them out, they are a good way to earn while watching TV.  They are also a good way to reach your daily goals, which can add up to an impressive amount of passive income – in the form of awards for meeting your goals (for example, last month I earned 78 SB’s as a bonus for meeting my goals only occasionally – things slow down in December).

Surveys can be lucrative, but not if you value your time.
Surveys can be lucrative, but not if you value your time.

It is not guaranteed that each survey you are offered you will qualify for.  Though Swagbucks tries to send you surveys you qualify for, typically you will be disqualified prior to finishing the survey either because of the screener questions, because there are no more spots, or because of an answer you give (these are so annoying).  When you’re disqualified from most surveys, you’ll earn 1SB for the attempt.

Trials and Product Tests

I count this category as semi-passive because it does take some effort – you must sign up for the trial, submit your email, or purchase a product.  The rewards range from tens of SB’s for simply submitting your email, to hundreds or even thousands for trying something, or purchasing a product.

Discovery Rewards on Swagbucks
Some “discovery” rewards can be very highly rewarded!

Trials can be very lucrative but can also be expensive, which wipes out your earnings.  There are two ways to look at trials: rebates on what you already would be doing or interested in doing, or as sources of income.

As a rebate, trials can subsidize the purchase of something you’ve been meaning to buy already.  As a source of income, only those trials that reward more than they cost can count as income.  I have found that the recurring subscription offers are both cheap to do ($0.99 to $2.00 usually) and lucrative relative to the investment (500-2000 SB’s or so) – just watch out that you cancel the subscription before the renewal date or you’ll wipe out all your earnings!


As long as you don’t continue to play the games, they can be earners.  When you sign up for a GSN account through Swagbucks, play a game and buy $9.99 worth of tokens, you’ll be rewarded with 1,210 SB’s, or $12.10, netting you $2.11.  If you continue to play the games you’ll wipe out your earnings, though you WILL be given a 12% rebate for each dollar you spend on GSN in the form of 12 SB/$1.00 spent on that site.  Unless you’re addicted to casual games, its not worth it to play.