Today I started testing an Android crypto mining app from MinerGate (external link).  For today I have it set to mine Monero (XMR)  The phones I’m running the miner on have an aggregate mining power of just under 20 H/s, which at today’s difficulty and value for Monero coins will generate $1.19 a month – significantly less than either Perk or Swagbucks. At current exchange rates I would need at least 960 H/s of mining power to match what I’m getting from Perk and Swagbucks. The theoretical upper limit of my two phone farms (with five phones each) is ~50 H/s, or ~5% of the power I need. The purpose of doing this, therefore is two-fold: because both Swagbucks andRead More →

Before going to the charts, a note on October’s earnings.  Readers will notice that there are no results for certain income streams, like the investments in Betterment.  There are two reasons for this: 1) some activities, like trades, were not performed in October, and 2) some income sources, like the Betterment account, report on a quarterly basis and so are not included in monthly reports for months which are not quarter ends. Passive Income While the actual passive income is higher than reported here (because some income is reported quarterly), October 2017 saw a total calculated income of $166.15.  Unlike with September 2017, this month saw no equity price appreciation reports so the total reported number of sources is lowerRead More →

I just signed up for the waitlist for “Acorns Later” and IRA from Acorns. I already contribute to two IRA’s, one from Betterment and one from Aspiration, but I want to see what Acorns will offer. My equity stake in Acorns has done nicely for me, so I trust that their IRA will do the same.  I also like that their minimum initial investment is $5.00, which opens the advantages of IRA investing to a wide audience. If you’re interested in n Acorns Later IRA, just join the waitlist! Below is more information from Acorns’ FAQ: What is Acorns Later? Acorns Later is the first retirement account designed for the up-and-coming. It will let you automatically invest a percentage ofRead More →