Started with $100…

The genesis of Easy Beer Money was a fateful click on Reddit’s random subreddit link which brought Rolf to a Subreddit called Beermoney.

After reading various posts about “Get Paid To…” sites (GPT) and how people were churning out meager sums on Amazon Turk over long stretches of time Rolf found a post about passive earning on something called Swagbucks.

After reading that people were earning money just for playing ads on old phones, Rolf found an old iPhone in a drawer, powered it up, downloaded the Swagbucks apps and tested them out.

They worked!

He then spent $100 setting up his first phone farm (internal link).

He began charting his earnings and then decided to start this blog to answer a simple question: can a life-changing amount of money be earned in a reasonable time in one’s spare time without taking on a second job?

This blog explores that question in the search for an answer.

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