Summary Acorns gained $30.06 in investments value, earned no dividends, but paid no fees. Betterment reports quarterly so there are not numbers for this month. Prosper returned $37.34 in interest payments (principle repayments are not registered here). Swagbucks earned a truly massive $125.00 through a combination of phone farm work and shopping rebates (I don’t count Swagbucks rebates in the rebates section since they are of a different type). Perk returned $10.00 from phone farm activity. Ebates gave no rebates this month since all my online shopping activity rebates were earned via Swagbucks. No courier services were done this month, and UserTesting brought in $230.00. No trades were made this month. Passive Income The returns are summarized below: Acorns: $30.06 Betterment: $0.00Read More →

Last month we discovered User Interviews, a market research GPT (“Get Paid To…”) site ostensibly promising earnings ~$1.00/minute. After two months, Rolf has some preliminary numbers to share.  He has done two tests, one each in September and October.  Though not all interviews from User Interviews requires a site visit, both tests Rolf performed required visiting a business.  In total he earned $130.00 in gift cards over 90 minutes of total work (including transportation) – an average of ~$1.44 per minute. Therefore, as of today, we would recommend signing up for User Testing (non-referral link, sorry!).Read More →