This month we have reported passive income from Acorns, loyalty program rebates, Perk, Prosper, Swagbucks and Ebates. Acorns returned $35.98, rebates $231.32, Perk $8.00, Prosper $35.78, Swagbucks $15.00, and Ebates $28.61. Total passive income came to $354.69, requiring seven minutes to earn for a comparative hourly earnings rate of $3040.20!Read More →

Announcements Firstly, welcome to the new reports format.  Now, instead of posting when earnings are made, we’re posting a monthly summary of earnings.  We hope this makes the reading experience more informative, convenient and most of all, enjoyable for our readers. Secondly, please welcome our new contributor, Steve the Driver.  Steve is a GPT driver in a medium US city.  In order to keep with the spirit of this project, we’re only counting earnings from up to two hours of his work per day – what we estimate would be the max free time a normal person would be able to regularly devote to a side-gig while not taking on a second job. At this point, money earned by SteveRead More →

A new bank just launched!  Beam (external link), a new online bank is promising guaranteed 2-4% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on a normal checking account. This is not an securities offer, but a normal interest bearing checking account – no tokens, certificates, bonds, stocks or anything else to buy. Better yet, there are no fees.  They claim to be able to give such high interest rates and not collect fees by giving a larger percentage of their return on deposits back to the depositors.  In other words, they are leveraging the efficiencies of the open internet and automation to maximize returns and minimize overhead. The money deposited in Beam is loaned to others in purportedly stable and safe markets – as almost allRead More →