This quarter, ending September 30th, my Betterment investment account earned $17.94 in dividends against $2.95 in fees. This does not count other income, including stock price appreciation, compounding due to reinvestment (all dividends are reinvested) and tax loss harvesting. It should also be noted that part of these dividend earnings are tax exempt as they came from an IRA. Currently my Betterment accounts are returning 5.2% Y/Y total, including dividends, appreciation and harvesting. Click HERE to sign up for Betterment, and start putting your money to work for you!Read More →

In order to turn my beer money into positive gains, I treat it as found money and invest it.  I have other investments as well, but with found beer money I invest on Prosper. Prosper is a marketplace for personal debt.  It is not predatory.  I invest mostly in low-risk individual loans – i.e. people who can afford to borrow easily, and a few people who are down on their luck who need a loan to consolidate debt and get a structured way to exit debt (hopefully forever). Currently my investments are returning over 10% annually. Currently I reinvest all gains into my portfolio. This last month I’ve earned $7.77 in interest against $0.57 in fees.Read More →