Today, the two Kyocera phones I ordered for Perk TV arrived.  I installed the Perk TV app from Google Play store, logged in and began running videos in about two minutes.  Now I have three phones running Perk TV flawlessly. Because it’s working so well, I decided to buy two more phones to bring the number of phones I have running Perk TV to five, the maximum allowed. Over the last couple days I’ve earned $20.00 in passive income in the form of gift cards ($5.00 from Swagbucks, $5.00 from and $10.00 from InstaGC) and so decided to use that money to finance part of the purchase. The purchase price of both phones came to $37.98 with shipping, butRead More →

Right now I’m averaging about 1000 points per day on the phone I have running Perk TV. On Perk, each point is worth $0.001 so I’m earning about $1.00 per day, meaning I’ll break even on these phones in just under 39 days once they arrive, not counting the cost of electricity (I’ll calculate that later).Read More →