Summary Unfortunately March saw continued market uncertainty resulting in investment losses in the Acorns account. This will be the second month of losses in that account. While the loss this month is considerably less than the route which was suffered in February, it is still troubling – each loss requires 100% more return just to come even. Indeed, comparing monthly results shows that the last two months of stock market uncertainty and volatility wiped out the gains of the preceding two months before them. Luckily, not all the investments were in stocks and bonds. The Prosper account stayed more or less on track and performed as expected, as did Swagbucks. Perk has, unfortunately, leveled off and is underperforming. While itRead More →

Summary This month will show a drop off in passive earnings since many passive earning streams report quarterly and the last quarter results were published for the year ending December, 2017. Of course, the passive income category well outperformed the GPT category in terms of per-hour earnigns – how could it be any other way? However, in terms of real dollars, GPT came out well ahead of the passive category. With regard to the GPT category, UserTesting was the highest earning income stream – both in terms of real dollars and per-hour earnings. Passive Income Though not all passive income sources reported this month (since some report on a quarterly schedule). All dividends are automatically reinvested. The returns are asRead More →