Summary While no dividends were paid, the Acorns account appreciated by $28.98. Betterment reports on a quarterly basis, so no report is available for this month. Prosper continued it’s steady returns with $36.33 over principle repayments. Because the Prosper loans return principle and interest throughout the month, the account is securing more dividend-paying loans throughout the month, valued well in excess of income it returned. Swagbucks retuned only $5.00 Perk returned nothing. I only run Perk when I’ve finished earning SwagBucks, and I do the daily quiz for 3 cents a day because I’m a masochist. I really think Perk isn’t worth it anymore. The big passive breakouts this month were shopping loyalty program rebates and Ebates, returning $77.50 combined.Read More →

Summary The market instability in March continued in April resulting in investment value losses in the Betterment account of $37.45. However, that account earned $43.15 in dividends which covered the losses. Currently the Acorns account is set to an aggressive portfolio which includes a lot of real estate and foreign stocks. This seems to have counteracted the US market volatility. While the return on the Acorns account was not great, it did show positive earnings of $9.12. However, the market instability has still resulted in significant losses from which the investments are still recovering. Compare monthly results here. This month the Prosper account showed the importance of diversification. It returned $35.56 over principle. Critically, since my loans on Prosper returnRead More →

Summary Unfortunately March saw continued market uncertainty resulting in investment losses in the Acorns account. This will be the second month of losses in that account. While the loss this month is considerably less than the route which was suffered in February, it is still troubling – each loss requires 100% more return just to come even. Indeed, comparing monthly results shows that the last two months of stock market uncertainty and volatility wiped out the gains of the preceding two months before them. Luckily, not all the investments were in stocks and bonds. The Prosper account stayed more or less on track and performed as expected, as did Swagbucks. Perk has, unfortunately, leveled off and is underperforming. While itRead More →