This quarter, ending September 30th, my Betterment investment account earned $17.94 in dividends against $2.95 in fees. This does not count other income, including stock price appreciation, compounding due to reinvestment (all dividends are reinvested) and tax loss harvesting. It should also be noted that part of these dividend earnings are tax exempt as they came from an IRA. Currently my Betterment accounts are returning 5.2% Y/Y total, including dividends, appreciation and harvesting. Click HERE to sign up for Betterment, and start putting your money to work for you!Read More →

For September, 2016, my Acorns account earned a good dividend, but unfortunately the instability in the market due to the Presidential campaign, fallout from Brexit, and other market adjustments created an over-all loss of $1.96 – including stock price reductions and $1.00 in fees. This doesn’t mean, however, that my Acorns account is not working well.  We can and must expect the stock market to fluctuate, and to lose money in the short-term. In the long-term, however, a small loss is not catastrophic and should not be an indication of a bad money choice – I’m not pulling my money out. Why not? Though the loss of stock value over the month was larger than the dividend earnings, since IRead More →