Perk is working really well for me.  I’ve earned another $5.00 (I have three phones running it).  Though I’m still in the hole because I bought phones for the purposes of running Perk TV (see here, and here), that hole is smaller now.  The total phone cost I incurred to maximize my Perk TV earnings is about $57.00 and I’ve already earned $10.00 back running three phones.  Two phones should arrive Monday so I should be making something close to $5.00 a day if all goes well. Perk it awesome and I highly recommend signing up, especially if you have an old iPhone or an Android 4.0 or higher lying around.Read More →

Today I earned $5.00 in Amazon gift card credit from Swagbucks.  Swagbucks works a lot like Perk (and vise versa).  I have Swagbucks TV and another video app EntertainNow! from the same company playing on an old iPhone I had lying around.  The major difference between Swagbucks and Perk is that there are earning maximums on Swagbucks and Swagbucks does not have the token system Perk does. With Swagbucks, I usually limit myself to $5.00 Amazon gift cards because they cost 450 points, rather than the 500 most $5.00 cards on Swagbucks cost.  That means each point is worth 1.11 cents.  It’s not much but over a few gift cards, that difference becomes a real increase in earnings.Read More →