I like Prosper (internal link) because the earnings are completely passive.  It is literally set-it-and-forget-it investing. As of this month, my portfolio is returning 12.68% Y/Y, which is not bad at all.  Though the wealth accumulated is taxable (unlike an IRA or stock appreciation), it’s still a good return on money, and I think there is a tax credit for reinvestment – more on that when I file taxes for this year.Read More →

For September, 2016, my Acorns account earned a good dividend, but unfortunately the instability in the market due to the Presidential campaign, fallout from Brexit, and other market adjustments created an over-all loss of $1.96 – including stock price reductions and $1.00 in fees. This doesn’t mean, however, that my Acorns account is not working well.  We can and must expect the stock market to fluctuate, and to lose money in the short-term. In the long-term, however, a small loss is not catastrophic and should not be an indication of a bad money choice – I’m not pulling my money out. Why not? Though the loss of stock value over the month was larger than the dividend earnings, since IRead More →