I needed a new file cabinet. Rather than just go to Office Depot or the mall I decided to check out the offerings on Ebates. I was able to find the right cabinet for my needs, got a great price, and a rebate of $9.50. Sign up with Ebates using this link (or click the screenshot) and get a free $10 bonus when you make a $25 purchase.Read More →

Take a look at my Ebates (internal link) cash-back statement for the recent week.  Holy Lord it’s all Lyft!  On each Lyft ride I take, I get $1.00 back in rebates.  On some rides that’s almost 35% back, which is not bad at all. It’s so good, I almost never comparison shop with Uber, and when I do, if Uber is cheaper, more often than not the rebate makes Lyft equal in price or cheaper. Thanks Ebates for such a useful deal. Use this link (external link) to sign up for Ebates and earn $10 free bonus when you spend $25.Read More →

On Swagbucks (internal link) there are a lot of ways to get some easy beer money – some worthwhile (like SBTV) and some not (like surveys). Today I saw an ad for Swagbucks Coupons, a seemingly new service.  I checked it out and it’s a pretty good source of beer money SB’s.  According to Swagbucks’ rules for couponing, for each coupon used, you’ll earn 25 SB’s (currently $0.25) plus whatever savings you earn at the store in question. While I love a good deal, I usually don’t use coupons since they take too much time to use – you have to find them, cut them out, take them to the store, go to the store they apply to, get onlyRead More →