Announcements Firstly, welcome to the new reports format.  Now, instead of posting when earnings are made, we’re posting a monthly summary of earnings.  We hope this makes the reading experience more informative, convenient and most of all, enjoyable for our readers. Secondly, please welcome our new contributor, Steve the Driver.  Steve is a GPT driver in a medium US city.  In order to keep with the spirit of this project, we’re only counting earnings from up to two hours of his work per day – what we estimate would be the max free time a normal person would be able to regularly devote to a side-gig while not taking on a second job. At this point, money earned by SteveRead More →

August was a slow trading month.  I was pretty busy with work so I only made five trades for a total return of $50.51. Though volume and value were small, my average return was 41.08%!  My return would have been 53.58% except one of the trades was an arbitrage, taking the value of that trade from 100% return to 50% return. I had absolutely no use for the card that represented the first leg of the arbitrage, so I’m happy with a 50% return in the end.Read More →

This month the trade volume on /r/giftcardexchange has lessened considerably.  The weather has been warm, I’ve visited various and sundry places and generally kept a busy schedule – all things which conspired to lessen my availability for trading. Still, while the monetary value of the return on my trades in July was low at $15.50, my average return was happily high at ~40.78%! For comparison’s sake, during the same time period the S&P 500 returned 1.93% – a relatively fair metric for “at-a-glance” comparisons. As usual I’m investing the equal of the monetary value of the trades in one of our portfolios: Acorns (internal link), Aspiration (external link), Betterment (internal link), or Prosper (internal link).Read More →