Ebates (internal link) is an easy and good passive income stream. It works like normal rebates – you shop at a partner store and you earn a percentage back on each purchase. There are two important differences, however.  One: it’s automatic, nothing to mail in, nothing to clip, no actions needed. Two: it doesn’t interfere with any other promotions the store might have.  For example, I earn 2% back at Target from Ebates – but I can still use my 5% Target Red Card discount on each purchase. Joining Ebates is a no brainer for me.Read More →

I bought a present for a friend using my Target Red Card which gives back 5% of the purchase price when used at Target. As usual this rebate will be invested in the /r/GCX trading account (where I’m enjoying 10-18% returns) and the returns there will be invested in my Prosper account (internal link) which is returning 12.56% Y/Y.Read More →

I have a Target Red Card, which gives me 5% back on all purchases at Target.  Here is the cool thing about Target – they give you the 5% discount not on the amount you charge to the card, but the purchase price (before tax) of the items you buy. Today I bought some flatware.  I also had some gift cards on my account.  After applying the gift cards, I had a balance of $0.95 which I paid with my Red Card.  5% of $0.95 is 4.75 cents, but they credited me $2.50 for my Red Card discount. Thanks Target!Read More →