Today I noticed I had over 1000 SB’s in my Swagbucks (internal link) account.  I decided to redeem them for a gift card and since each SB is worth $0.01 I loaded the gift cards worth at least $10.00 and sorted the list to show the cheapest one’s at the top of the list. Swagbucks often has sales on gift card redemptions and lo and behold today some $10 gift cards were discounted up to 20%!  I love pizza and I like Domino’s but today I ended up choosing the $10 iTunes gift card. Here’s the kicker: while the gift card was discounted by 20%, that means I traded $8.00 (800 SB’s) for $10.00, which is a return of 25%Read More →

On Swagbucks (internal link) there are a lot of ways to get some easy beer money – some worthwhile (like SBTV) and some not (like surveys). Today I saw an ad for Swagbucks Coupons, a seemingly new service.  I checked it out and it’s a pretty good source of beer money SB’s.  According to Swagbucks’ rules for couponing, for each coupon used, you’ll earn 25 SB’s (currently $0.25) plus whatever savings you earn at the store in question. While I love a good deal, I usually don’t use coupons since they take too much time to use – you have to find them, cut them out, take them to the store, go to the store they apply to, get onlyRead More →

Summary Acorns lost value again this month, shedding $132.84 of stock value. The portfolio earned $7.96 in dividends (which were reinvested) leaving a net loss of $124.88. The Acorns portfolio is highly aggressive, with much exposure to volatile international stocks and real estate. As such, the negative performance is not entirely unanticipated (though it is unwelcome). The game plan will be to buy more of the portfolio at a lower cost and hope the market rebounds to erase the losses and post some gains. Overall, Acorns is still a winning bet. Aspiration reports quarterly, as such, there is no data for this month. Betterment reports quarterly, as such, there is no data for this month. Perk returned a fully passiveRead More →