Today I earned $5 in Amazon credit and planted a tree in Madagascar as part of the Mangrove rehabilitation efforts there.  Both rewards were earned via Swagbucks, which is one of my favorite passive earnings programs. I bought a tree from Treecycler for $0.99 (through Swagbucks).  Mangrove forests are very beneficial to coastal regions, and there is nothing we need more to save the planet than sequestering carbon. Thanks, Swagbucks.Read More →

Today was a great day.  I redeemed $10 worth of Swagbucks for Amazon credit and planted a tree in Madagascar in an effort to renew the mangrove forests there.  My husband and I prefer Amazon credit to all others because it never expires, and because it is essentially as good as cash given the extremely broad range of products available, and free shipping. Many of you know, but in the interests of social progress my husband and I tithe ourselves.  Right now, I split the tithe between planting trees on Treecycler, and doing social (and environmental) actions at KarmaKarma.  Read More →

Today was great!  I redeemed $20 for Amazon credit via Swagbucks, and donated to charity.  I planted a tree in Madagascar where I’m helping with mangrove rehabilitation, and redeemed 1000 points on KarmaKarma – see our KarmaKarma listings for charity actions we’ve performed. What a great day, and it was all accomplished from passive income on my Swagbucks farm!Read More →