Today UserTesting (one of the most consistently high earning platforms for beer money) announced a new type of test – voice-only interviews. The interviews are either 30 or 60 minutes long and pay $1 a minute. The interviews are conducted via the Zoom meeting app on Android or iOS. You can learn more here (external link). We regularly earn hundreds of dollars a month from UserTesting, and cannot recommend it enough as a beer money earning stream.Read More →

Summary Acorns lost value again this month, shedding $132.84 of stock value. The portfolio earned $7.96 in dividends (which were reinvested) leaving a net loss of $124.88. The Acorns portfolio is highly aggressive, with much exposure to volatile international stocks and real estate. As such, the negative performance is not entirely unanticipated (though it is unwelcome). The game plan will be to buy more of the portfolio at a lower cost and hope the market rebounds to erase the losses and post some gains. Overall, Acorns is still a winning bet. Aspiration reports quarterly, as such, there is no data for this month. Betterment reports quarterly, as such, there is no data for this month. Perk returned a fully passiveRead More →

Summary Acorns lost $14.03 in total this month – $2.21 in dividends paid against a stock price appreciation of ($16.24). Betterment reported quarterly earnings of $350.86 including $41.35 in dividends and $309.51 in stock price appreciation. Prosper returned $32.14 in interest payments (principle repayments are not registered here) – which is along it’s normal trajectory. Swagbucks returned to normal, bringing in $20.00 through a combination of phone farm work and shopping rebates. Perk returned $0.00 from phone farm activity since the phones were off this month. Ebates returned $11.86 in shopping rebates (both online and in-store). No courier services were done this month, and UserTesting brought in $210.00. No trades were made this month. Passive Income The returns are summarized below: Acorns: ($14.03)Read More →